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Jason Rose & Matt Jennings

Founders of Full Heart Hospitality Consulting

San Francisco, CA  & Boston, MA

Michele is an exceptional bookkeeper! She was instrumental in helping us start our business and really helped up get out finances and financial systems in place. Cannot recommend her highly enough and cannot say enough wonderful things about how easy she is to work with!

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Jator Pierre

Wholistic Life Style Coach, Owner of WeHLC & Founder of HoL
Copenhagen, Denmark

I have been working with Michele for 10 years.  To say she is the best is an understatement.  

Michele is methodical, with an extreme eye for detail and bookkeeping perfection.  

What is more important Michele has become my friend, mentor, and I trust her and her work implicitly.  My CPA has stated on numerous occasions that Michele's work is the best she has ever seen.

I can not recommend Michele with anything less than excellence.  I am lucky to have her on my side and my guess is she would serve your needs in the same professional fashion.

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Gina Rachelle

Personal Trainer, Diakadi
San Francisco, CA

Michele is a true expert! I highly recommend her for bookkeeping needs. She has not only helped me personally but also works with our trainers at DIAKADI. She will have you organized and ready for taxes.

Michelle is easy to talk to, a great listener, focuses on the details, delivers quality customer service and always goes above and beyond!

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Randall Tartow

Owner, Covering New England
Boston, MA

Managing a small business by yourself when you have 50 independent contractors, tons of expense questions, have to allocate dollars in several different directions, figuring out what to do with any "grey areas" of your books, and on top of that maximizing ones use of time so it's not crazy expensive and you're not losing business is so challenging and stressful. Finding the right person who really listens to you and understands what your concerns are is really hard to fine. Michele Bazirgan is 100% this person. I am very lucky to have found Michele to manage my books. I could literality drop a show box of receipts or have everything in order with my accounts and it's done effectively and broken out in any single or multiple way. Michele has also been a great networker in terms of knowing who can help with other things that compliment or pertain to my business. Even in a pandemic her response time was awesome. She helped my company stay right on track and scheduled and her attention to detail was clutch! Thank you Michele! Randall Tartow Owner of Covering New England

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